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My name is Andrew Window and I am a traditional blacksmith specialising in custom made commissions.


This is a showcase of my talents as an artist blacksmith. I began smithing when I undertook an apprenticeship with a local blacksmith; this in turn led to further development of my expertise and my own style under the expert tutelage of Paul Allen (F.W.C.B. ,L.W.C.B. , L.C.G.I.) at the National School of Blacksmithing in Herefordshire; where I was awarded a certificate of merit by the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths.

 Whilst training, I was also employed full-time as a blacksmith - producing various pieces of wrought ironwork and other commissions.  I have created projects ranging from furniture to light fittings, face masks to dragon sculptures, and shoe racks to ornate gates.

I recently appeared on Countrywise on ITV.
The programme showcased my work with the hammer, anvil and forge; it also showed the creation and testing of a new type of pitchfork, as well as displaying the art of the traditional blacksmith. I have also appeared on the Country Lives programme on Anglia Television, which was presented by Chris Beardshaw (TV's Flying Gardener)



My aims

My intention is to create unique and distinctive metalwork, fashioned using traditional and modern skills; blending ferrous and non-ferrous metals together to create pleasing objects, both for pleasure and for functional use. I hope that by using my skills in design and creation, I will help to preserve the traditional skills passed down through the ages which are rapidly disappearing in our modern world of convenience and transience.



I have been working with metal for many years now and have always had a flair for design of organic forms and styles. I grew up on a farm where I learnt my first practical skills and where I could always be found fiddling with bits of metal making small, decorative and sculptural pieces from scrap, or out in the fields drawing.

I created items in other mediums including wood, clay and glass; but kept on developing, leaning more and more towards metal as my favourite medium.

These passions for natural forms and materials have never left me and have led to my establishing my own business based on these interests.



Contact Information

I can normally be contacted at my workshop on my phone,  by e-mail or even by post. I will always try to give you an answer to any question you may have over a project or general enquiry.

07941 854040
Postal address
Gt. Meadowend Farm
Enquiries and Information: enquiries@ajwindow.co.uk